What is this?

Its's a tiny webapp written in Scala. It helps you to quickly create qnd-pwhashs with the salt is located on server.

How do I use this?

You can use this page to hash something or the smarter way is to use it like a real webservice: This gives you an result without any overhead. But remember the salt is located on this server. It's smarter to deploy your own instance... see readme

Let's hash something!

Why did you build this?

I was looking for an example project to improve my Scala- and Play-skills 😉 This project is like an adult code snipped and not finished yet... so hit me up with feedback.

Sign2pw is Open Source and the repository is available here.

Built by Christopher Kutzmann, inspired by Kai Hendry, one of the best blogger on the web.

see the code on gogs